The best islands of Hawaii for a wedding trip

Visit Hawaii? From Oahu and Maui, to the Big Island, Lanai and Kauai, find the best islands in Hawaii for wedding trips and couples occasions.

Hawaii is one of my #1 spots on the planet. I couldn’t say whether there are many spots that are just about as normally delightful as this novel assortment of islands. Renowned for huge waves, amazing landscape and tropical sea shores, this is the place where you smell the sentiment in the air!

There are such countless activities while you’re there as well, from climbing cascades and swimming with turtles to unwinding around the ocean. This is the home of surf, back-peddles and ocean side energies and I believe it’s ideal to investigate while remaining in an excellent extravagance resort!

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Notwithstanding, there is something else to these islands besides fatigued special night platitudes! Whichever island you visit, you’ll observe staggering view, whether it’s magma fields, dark sand sea shores, tropical rainforests, or sensational shorelines that are ideal for whale watching.

Eating out in Hawaii is a movement in itself. Alongside all the American-style treats you grew up getting a charge out of, you’ll observe stylish Japanese combination eateries serving top-class passage. My recommendation? Snatch yourself a fat bowl – you will love it!

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Be that as it may, with regards to visiting Hawaii, how would you pick which island to visit? There are a few of them, and they are generally so unique in relation to one another. Here, I will give you some assistance to find the best island in Hawaii for couples. In spite of the fact that, frankly, you actually can’t pick some unacceptable island! They are for the most part astonishing and unique, however for various reasons.

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Hawaii 5

So assuming you’re picking either Oahu or Maui, or you’re asking for what reason you’d visit the Big Island over Lanai or Kauai, this guide is ensured to help! Additionally, I will share great tips on where to remain and what to do when you are there.

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Which island would it be advisable for me to visit in Hawaii?


More or less: Busy, incredible for shopping, extraordinary selection of inns, exercises and extraordinary surf.

Waikiki Beach, the capital city of Honolulu, the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and phenomenal shopping are all in Oahu. It is the most business island in Hawaii and is the place where most US and global flights land. There is an immense assortment of activities on Oahu so this is an extraordinary choice for couples who are first time guests.

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I would suggest remaining at a lavish lodging in Waikiki Beach where you will observe five star ocean side retreats, tremendous shopping centers and a lot of drinking and eating choices. One of my number one things about remaining at Waikiki Beach is that you will have astounding perspectives on Diamond Head Crater. Climbing here has been one of my #1 activities on the island and it’s just an hour from the primary area of ​​Waikiki Beach.

You can go on an outing toward the North Shore, a region well known for its colossal surf breaks among November and July. Simply sit back and relax, on the off chance that you’re not an expert yet, you can get a board and take examples on an island on a calmer ocean side!

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Hawaii 19

Other striking puts on Oahu incorporate the Honolulu Zoo and the Polynesian Cultural Center. It is a “living historical center” of island culture facilitating an evening show and intelligent displays. This is an incredible spot to encounter Hawaiian culture during your excursion.

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Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

For a five-star ocean side retreat with a turn, you’ll cherish Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach. They have their own aquarium loaded up with reef fish close to a wonderful bar. An extraordinary, if strange, method for having a heartfelt beverage together on your special first night or go on a visit!

Alohilani Resort Waikiki • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Alohilani Resort Waikiki


Laylow is a curious lodging on Waikiki Beach. Settled in tropical nurseries, this is an extraordinary spot to unwind by the pool or have a beverage at the stylish bar.

The Laylow • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
The Laylow

Hawaii (Big Island)

Basically: Adventure island with emitting volcanoes, cascades, climbing, starship and outside exercises.

We as a whole realize Hawaii has dazzling sea shores, cascades, volcanoes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg… yet, make a beeline for the Big Island for the absolute best landscape around. I totally venerated my experience on this island, as a matter of fact it was my number one of the gathering as there is such a great amount to see and do. Assuming you are the sort of couple that likes to pack a ton on your movements, I would agree that this is the best island of Hawaii for you.

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Hawaii 1 3

This island is a swashbuckler’s heaven offering zip lining through rainforests, cascade climbs, endlessly swimming. You will find two dynamic volcanoes on the Big Island and you can stroll to them from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Seeing the radiant red and orange magma is a totally extraordinary encounter. I truly loved it!

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Hawaii 3 e1496228490191

One thing that makes Big Island the most heartfelt island in Hawaii is the Mauna Kea Observatory. Go to the highest point of this torpid spring of gushing lava around evening time and you will be astonished! This is one of the most amazing star spots on the planet. It will be a unimaginable spot for a heartfelt date!

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Hawaii 13

Feel like you’ve seen sufficient white sand sea shores on your outing? Papakolea Beach, or “Green Sand”, is one of just four green sea shores on the planet, because of the olivine precious stones in the sand. There is additionally Punaluu Black Sand Beach, one of the most popular in Hawaii, made by volcanic sand.

Where to remain on the Big Island

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

A private lanais, first class spa and ocean front area settle on this an extraordinary decision for couples visiting the Big Island. Yet, this is a-list green in a spot that will amuse you. Opening 3 is played at the entry to the sea where the waves are ascending to encourage you!

Mauna Kea Beach • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Mauna Kea Beach

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

In addition to an extravagance five-star Four Seasons Resort Hualalai has an on location swimming aquarium where you can take care of the well known inhabitant Kainalu anglers spotted hawk beam!

Mauna Lani Resort

From ranch to-table menus to neighborhood spa fixings, this elite ocean front retreat is legitimately Hawaiian. Appreciate water sports while connecting with the island’s antiquarian, or watch ocean turtles hatch on maybe Hawaii’s most heartfelt island.


Basically: a nature-filled heaven with epic landscape to coordinate, certainly an incredible choice for a heartfelt escape.

Kauai’s “Nursery Island” allows its normal magnificence to talk. Canvassed in tropical rainforest, this island is likewise home to a few tremendous sea shores.

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Poipu Beach is the most ideal decision for swimming, surfing and spotting priest seals. Hanalei Bay is a shielded narrows where scuba jumping is particularly great. There is even an old wreck!

To keep dynamic, you could go to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon. The Black Pipe Trail gives stunning perspectives and prompts Waipo ‘o Falls, an awesome cascade that drops into the gulch.

Kauai 2 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Kauai 3 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide

In the event that you are searching for a casual environment and bunches of nature, Kauai might be the best Hawaiian island for your couples trip.

Where to remain in Kauai

Great Hyatt Kauai

This extravagance resort has a 24-hour “complex” pool with cascades and a grown-ups just segment. Require a night sail here together and starship while paying attention to the coconut trees influence. How heartfelt does that sound?

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort Spa • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort Spa

Landing Resort Koloa

The 25-section of land Koloa Landing Resort welcomes you to “be important for the island.” Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture during your extravagance special night with surf, hula and lei examples, or while unwinding in one of the three pools!


Basically: bunches of ocean side retreats and choices for dynamic undertakings, this is one more extraordinary choice for a heartfelt escape.

Whenever individuals consider Maui, they likely consider extravagance resorts and special first nights! The best hotels are in West Maui and probably the best island sea shores in Wailea, Kaanapali and Kapalua.

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Inland, Maui brings a lot to the table for couples, including the world’s biggest torpid fountain of liquid magma situated in Haleakala National Park. On the off chance that you are a functioning couple, you can go on a heartfelt dawn climb. Occasions like this make Maui the best island in Hawaii for audacious couples!

best honeymoon resorts in maui 3 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
best honeymoon resorts in maui 3

Take your swimming accomplice to shielded Honolua Bay, or go on a directed boat outing to Molokini Crater, a marine save. On the other hand, take off and investigate the 26 km Pali coast, which flaunts a special coral life, with colossal bluffs and quiet oceans.

Where to remain in Maui

Four Seasons Resort Maui

This Wailea resort is one of the most incredible extravagance vacation lodgings in Hawaii. It has an astonishing spa, three cafés and its seafront area makes for extraordinary whale watching visits throughout the colder time of year seasons!

Resort Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Resort Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Andaz Maui

Andaz Beach offers grand suites and conveniences with bona fide Hawaiian legacy. The standard gala at Mokapu is an occasion that mixes narrating and neighborhood wellsprings of Hawaiian cooking. What’s more, there are customized mixed drinks as well! This is the ideal decision for wedding trip visitors to Maui.

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort

For more extraordinary lodging suggestions on this staggering island, read my manual for the best lavish inns in Maui.


Basically: Quiet, heartfelt and personal, ideal for nature sweethearts.

Other than Oahu, the calmer Lanai is Hawaii’s best island for vacation couples needing a post-wedding retreat. Assuming that the energy of festivities has gotten excessive, this is an incredible spot to harmony and appreciate each other’s conversation. Some say that this is the most heartfelt island in Hawaii, with its rough terrain. There are just three cleared streets on the island, truth be told! It provides you with a thought of ​​the slow speed of life here.

Lanai Hawaii 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide

Perhaps the best thing to do on the island is to investigate Lanai’s churches. These are jump locales of rough caverns that resemble a congregation when the daylight streams in from a higher place.

Another incredible spot is Shipwreck Beach (indeed, with a wreck!), which is an isolated place where ocean turtles regularly sneak past. Swimming here isn’t prescribed because of solid breezes, so follow the way close to the ocean side where you can likewise see the Kukui Point rock craftsmanship petroglyphs.

Lanai Hawaii 2 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide

Lanai is likewise an incredible island for heartfelt escapes with your other half. One of the most amazing is “Darling Rock” situated along the short track close to the Four Seasons Resort. For really exceptional climbing trails, attempt the Munroe Trail, which takes you the whole way to the most elevated point on Lanai.

From that point you will have a totally amazing perspective on the five islands: Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Kahulave and Hawaii! In the event that you like to inhabit a more slow speed while partaking in nature and quality time together, you will cherish Lanai! Could this be the best island in Hawaii for couples?

Where to remain in Lanai

Four Seasons Lanai Resort

The Hawaiian island of Lanai just has one hotel, and it’s truly outstanding in Hawaii! At Four Seasons, you’ll get five-star rooms and suites, a private ocean side, spa, pool, and cafés. Among the numerous exercises accessible, the most heartfelt are the rising climbing trails or stargazing at the Lanai Observatory!

Four Seasons Lanai • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Four Seasons Lanai

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