Top European Winter Sun Destinations

From Malta and the Canary Islands, to the Azores and Madeira, these are Europe’s best winter sun objections!

The cold weather a long time in the UK can be difficult for us all. Awakening to miserable scenes and frosty temperatures, I frequently fantasy about leaving. Fortunately, there are a lot of astonishing objections in Europe that are a couple of degrees hotter, in any event, during the coldest cold weather months.

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From Malta and Cyprus, to the Algarve and Cadiz, these objections offer extraordinary sea shores, culture, food and climate. The main interesting part will pick which one to visit!

A couple of years prior I traveled to Malta toward the finish of November. It was probably the best choice we made as it allowed us an opportunity to get away from the cool temperatures in the UK and absorb some vitamin D. I meandered the pleasant roads of Valletta in a mid year dress, toasting the dusk with mixed drinks and getting a charge out of outdoors meals.

Whether you’re arranging an end of the week escape or the right get-away, a significant number of these European winter sun objections won’t burn through every last cent. Despite the fact that I would agree that that the potential chance to unwind in the glow is as yet worth each penny!

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So whether you appreciate sun and wine sampling in the south of Portugal, need to unwind around the ocean in the Canary Islands, or consider an island experience in Sicily, here is my manual for the hottest winter objections in Europe!

Top European Winter Sun Destinations


One of my number one European winter sun spots, Malta has a ton going on! The capital Valletta is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and brings a great deal to the table for anyone with any interest ever. Furthermore, Game of Thrones fans will adore seeing a portion of the first shooting areas!

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With good daylight consistently and a normal winter temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, Malta is an extraordinary spot to visit throughout the cold weather months. The nation has a delightful shoreline with sea shores, caverns and precipices to investigate. You can find out a little about Valletta, yet there are other incredible spots like Mdina simply a short drive away.

I visited Malta toward the finish of November and I strolled around in light dresses and skirts during the day. I even returned home with a tan!

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Algarve, Portugal

This southern area of Portugal is a delightful all year objective, however certainly probably the best spot in Europe for winter sun. The scene of the Algarve is great with huge sea shores and rough precipices ignoring the Atlantic.

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The stretch of shore among Lagos and Faro, the primary urban areas of the Algarve locale, has an assortment of lodgings and cafés to browse. On the other hand, assuming you partake in a roadtrip, you can visit a portion of the nearby grape plantations for a tasting meeting, or partake in a series of golf at one of the many greens in the Algarve.

On the off chance that you make your visit in February, there is an additional a unique treat sitting tight for you as this is when numerous amusement parks happen in the locale.

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Canary Islands, Spain

Exceptionally famous with Britons voyaging abroad, the Canary Islands are notable for their warm environment. The most well known islands to visit are Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. It’s not difficult to see the reason why these islands are one of my top proposals for spots to visit in Spain throughout the colder time of year.

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Because of its area, the Canary Islands get hotter throughout the entire year. Winter temperatures seldom decrease under 15 degrees Celsius, as a matter of fact. Anything your inclinations, the Canary Islands has something for everybody, including dynamite sea shores, amazing volcanic scenes, grape plantations, public parks, resorts, shops and galleries.

I ventured out to Lanzarote in December and I picked this is on the grounds that it is perhaps the hottest spot in Europe in winter! I truly delighted in investigating the intricate view of the island, eating heavenly fish and unwinding under the sun.

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With a normal January temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius, Cyprus is probably the hottest spot in Europe throughout the colder time of year. In the event that you’re feeling like a warm Christmas get away from this year, Nicosia has a well known Christmas market in December.

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Where to stay in Cyprus 2

The island is enormous, so I suggest employing a vehicle and going out traveling. The most famous urban areas to visit incorporate Paphos and Limassol, the two of which make extraordinary winter objections to have bounty right close to home. Cyprus is likewise an extraordinary spot for sports sweethearts, with climbing, cycling and kite surfing.

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Cyprus 79

Whenever I visited I investigated a few conventional towns, grape plantations and, surprisingly, wandered into the Troodos mountains (they are inconceivable assuming you have the opportunity to go!) You can peruse more about my suggestions in my manual for visiting Cyprus.

Rhodes, Greece

Crete would one say one is of Europe’s best winter sun objections, however to get off the beaten track and submerge yourself in antiquated history while as yet partaking in the colder time of year sun, why not visit Rhodes all things being equal? This adjoining island is home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Rhodes Citadel is likewise an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Cathedral, the Grand Master’s Palace and the Acropolis are other eminent puts to visit on the island. Whenever you’re finished absorbing the noteworthy destinations, you can go for a walk along the ocean side, investigate the encompassing towns, or unwind at one of the many retreats and inns.

Aeolian Islands, Italy

While Sicily brings a ton to the table, the Aeolian Islands are one of Europe’s most un-known objections for winter sun. This little volcanic archipelago, additionally an UNESCO World Heritage Site, gets pretty caught up with throughout the late spring. Anyway visit in winter and you will partake in the pleasant islands without the groups.

Clear skies, warm winter sun, shocking volcanic scenes and obviously flavorful Italian cooking – what more would you be able to need for a vacation? Stroll up the Stromboli Volcano, get up near flavorful Italian food in Lipari, investigate the magnificence of Salina and partake in the casual speed of life on the islands. I truly appreciated investigating these islands by boat a couple of years prior and couldn’t want anything more than to return for my colder time of year break.

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Sicily 11

Cadiz, Spain

Situated on the south shoreline of Spain, Cadiz may not be essentially as well known as different objections in Spain, yet it’s most certainly worth a visit! As a matter of fact, this is one of my number one Spanish urban areas – I frantically need to return!

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13 Cadiz

It is totally loaded with chronicled destinations, including a gigantic house of God and an amazing Roman theater. Assuming you partake in a casual break, you can hang out along the fundamental promenade, get grimy near the ocean, become mixed up in the enchanting thin roads, or take photos of the relative multitude of beautiful structures and fishing boats.

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19 Cadiz

Assuming you’re searching for somewhat more tomfoolery, visit in February during the well known Cadiz Carnival. Winter temperatures are normally somewhere in the range of 16 and 20 degrees Celsius with a lot of bright days. I have composed numerous manuals for Cadiz so make certain to peruse my movement guide, eatery guide and convenience guides before you go!

Azores, Portugal

The Portuguese Azores archipelago is a little diamond among winter bright objections in Europe. Temperatures seldom decrease under 12 degrees Celsius, however be cautioned that December can be somewhat blustery. The nine islands offer astounding landscape and a lot of chances for nature sweethearts, including climbing, scuba jumping, surfing and mountain trekking.

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Sao Miguel is the most populated island where global flights show up. On the off chance that you’re feeling gutsy, bounce on a short trip to Santa Maria for more warmth and nature, Terceira to visit the UNESCO-recorded capital of Angra do Heroismo, or Pico to climb the 2,350m abundance of a similar name.

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Seville, Spain

Less famous than Barcelona or Madrid, the Andalusian city of Seville benefits from gentle winters and is ideal for a city break. With a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit, for example, the Real Alcazar, you’ll end up wondering about the delightful engineering while at the same time absorbing some vitamin D.

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Seville 1 1

The city is additionally known for its flamenco exhibitions and tapas culture. Indeed, even in winter, you can sit outside while the servers present to you a large number of dishes of delightful Spanish cooking. Seville is one of my top spots to visit in Spain in winter – read the post to see what other place I would suggest.

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Seville 7

Madeira, Portugal

This little Portuguese archipelago is likewise an extraordinary spot for a short winter break. Madeira is less famous than the close by Canary Islands and has a warm and bright environment over time.

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The excellent roads of the capital Funchal are fixed with eateries, and in the event that you’re keen on wine, you can book for a wine sampling and truly will holds with the Portuguese reds and whites.

Outside the city, you’ll track down sea shores, a lot of climbing spots, and excellent view. It has all that you really want for a colder time of year escape under the sun.

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