Visiting Spain in winter

Considering visiting Spain in winter? From delightful islands to food towns, these are the best places to browse.

Something I love most about visiting Spain in the colder time of year is that you can be knee-somewhere down in snow in the excellent mountains briefly and afterward partake in the warm sun near the ocean 30 minutes after the fact. Truth be told, this is by and large the thing I did a couple of years prior when I went out traveling to Spain in the colder time of year. I dared to Seville, Granada, Córdoba, Sierra Nevada and Nerja in half a month, partaking in an alternate involvement with every area.

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On the off chance that you’re battling with the cool, an outing to Spain in the colder time of year may be exactly what you really want. Not exclusively are temperatures for the most part hotter (particularly in the south), yet the nation additionally offers an assortment of encounters that you probably won’t have considered previously. An occasion in Spain doesn’t need to incorporate sea shores and resorts, you can go on a colder time of year experience in the mountains, partake in a food-filled trip in one of Spain’s clamoring urban areas, or unwind in a portion of the nation’s beguiling waterfront towns.

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Furthermore, Spaniards love to observe Christmas, so December is an incredible opportunity to visit to absorb the occasion energy and get a couple of presents!

Whether you’re arranging a colder time of year excursion to Spain or need thoughts for radiant spots, I trust this guide will assist you with choosing where to go.

Winter in Spain – climate

The climate in Spain throughout the colder time of year shifts significantly starting with one district then onto the next. The Atlantic coast gets very blustery on occasion, yet temperatures seldom decrease under 5 degrees Celsius. The southern piece of the nation is sunnier all through the colder time of year, with temperatures coming to up to 18 degrees in any event, throughout the cold weather months.

Assuming you visit precipitous regions, for example, the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada, you can anticipate cold days and freezing temperatures. At long last, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are the absolute most ideal choices for winter sun, with temperatures as high as 22 degrees.

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Best places to visit in Spain in winter


The city of Bilbao isn’t the sunniest spot to visit in winter in Spain, yet it is certainly one of the most fascinating! Bilbao offers a blend of custom and advancement, across the board awesome city.

Workmanship and engineering sweethearts will adore visiting the renowned Guggenheim Museum. This inconceivable structure, planned by Frank Gehry, houses things of beauty from the legends of the contemporary craftsmanship scene. In addition, in the event that the weather conditions is chilly, it’s great to have a couple of historical center or exhibition choices to keep you warm!

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Bilbao is likewise the core of the Basque locale and with that comes a great food scene. I would prescribe going from tapas bar to tapas bar, inspecting “pintxos” (a Basque variant of tapas, for the most part served on a stick).

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You can likewise watch a Basque pelota match-up or investigate a few other astonishing spots close by including San Sebastian and Pamplona. Assuming you are keen on wine this is likewise an incredible spot for you as you will be overall quite near the Rioja locale. Envision visiting Spain in winter and partaking in a day of wine sampling? Sounds wonderful to me!

Canary Islands

Assuming you are searching for a warm spot to remain yet could do without to leave Europe, the Canary Islands are an extraordinary choice. Situated off the northwest shore of Africa, this assortment of volcanic islands incorporates Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. The islands gloat warm temperatures all year, with highs during the twenties throughout the cold weather months.

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Sightseers appreciate investigating the volcanic scenes, courageous individuals can partake in an assortment of water sports, while ocean side darlings can unwind on the volcanic dark sand sea shores. Every island has its own remarkable appeal, so it merits investigating which suits the style of occasion you’re searching for.

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Quite possibly the most famous spot to visit in Spain throughout the colder time of year, Barcelona has something for everybody. From Gaudí’s magnum opus, the notorious Sagrada Familia, to exhibition halls, sea shores and notable areas, Barcelona is one of my #1 occasion objections.

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barcelona 2

It’s additionally an extraordinary spot to visit in December as there are a few Christmas markets in Barcelona, ideal for getting some latest possible moment Christmas presents! There are likewise numerous amazing eateries spotted all through the city.

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Barcelona 37

Sierra Nevada

In the event that you appreciate skiing, this is an astonishing spot to visit throughout the cold weather months. The Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia is exceptionally famous from November – March.

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For certain tops over 3000m, you’ll track down good snow in the colder time of year, ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other tomfoolery snow exercises. The ski station has north of 130 runs for all levels and there are a lot of facilities in the primary town to suit all spending plans.

Since it’s in the south of Spain, one could consolidate a ski trip in the Sierra Nevada with a city break in Granada or Malaga.


Situated on the south bank of Spain, Cadiz may not be just about as well known as different urban communities in Spain, however it’s certainly worth a visit! Truth be told, this is one of my #1 spots – I frantically need to return!

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It is brimming with chronicled destinations, including a tremendous basilica and a great Roman theater. In the event that you partake in a casual break, you can partake in the fundamental promenade, unwind near the ocean, lose all sense of direction in the beguiling slight roads, or take photos of the multitude of pleasant structures and fishing boats.

Since Cadiz is on the south coast, this is an extraordinary spot to visit in Spain throughout the colder time of year for warm climate and daylight. Winter temperatures are ordinarily somewhere in the range of 16 and 20 degrees Celsius with a lot of radiant days.

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22 Cadiz

While the Christmas time frame is excellent in Cadiz, I suggest February for your outing. It is then that the yearly fair happens in the city, giving a ton of extraordinary diversion!

I have composed numerous Cadiz directs so most certainly perused my movement guide, café guide and convenience guides before you go!


The origination of the popular painter Pablo Picasso, Malaga is situated at the furthest finish of southern Spain. Because of its area, it is one of the hottest and sunniest spots in Spain in winter.

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Malaga 22

As well as ocean side time and eating fresco, you can visit the Picasso Museum, the city’s inconceivable church building, or the food market. This is a city popular for its Christmas lights, so make certain to walk the central avenues around evening time.

Likewise, there are some incredible roadtrips from Malaga including Montes from Malaga, a characteristic park with grand woods that is great for climbing or loosening up strolls.

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History buffs can partake in an outing to the 5,000 year old Antequera Dolmen or the staggering Ronda Bridge. There is such a huge amount to do around here – it is one of my number one spots to visit Spain throughout the cold weather months.

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The Spanish capital isn’t the hottest spot in Spain in winter, however there are totally loads to see and do. The fundamental square, Plaza Mayor, transforms into an immense Christmas market around Christmas.

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The city is likewise loaded up with Christmas lights and designs. In the event that you don’t want to shop, the bars, cafés, exhibition halls and nightlife make certain to keep you engaged.

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Madrid facts 10


Not quite so well known as Malaga or Seville, Granada is somewhat of an unlikely treasure in southern Spain. The Alhambra is the most visited site nearby and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, yet that is not entirely there is to see. The city is loaded with history with its great Cathedral, religious communities and recorded markets.

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Malaga day trips 2

The old city of Granada is charmed. I would suggest strolling around and wondering about the thin roads and eccentric engineering. From Granada, it’s additionally simple to get to the Sierra Nevada mountain range for a roadtrip, so you could join the two of every one experience through Spain.


The most well known of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza has an alternate examine winter than in summer. It’s still very warm and bright, however you won’t find the groups cheerful and drinking.

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Visiting unavailable will offer you the chance to encounter the absolute most staggering perspectives on the island on the planet! You can visit uninhabited sea shores, appreciate flavorful fish and partake in the verifiable sights of Ibiza town. It’s likewise a famous island for wellbeing breaks, with yoga and reflection occurring during the cooler months.

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Ibiza 4


Less famous than Barcelona or Madrid, the Andalusian city of Seville benefits from gentle winters and is ideally suited for an end of the week escape. While visiting a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for example, the genuine Alcazar, you will wind up wondering about the lovely design while absorbing vitamin D.

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Seville 15

The city is likewise well known for its flamenco exhibitions and tapas culture. Indeed, even in winter, you will actually want to sit outside while the servers bring you food after a scrumptious Spanish supper.

Santiago de Compostela

The capital of the Spanish locale of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela is known for its lovely house of God, which denotes the completing place of the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile climbing trail that is embellished with history.

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Try not to stress that you don’t need to be a vacationer to partake in this city situated in the western piece of Spain! There are many spots of interest here, including the historically significant area. In December, the city gets a merry extra with a Christmas market and an ice arena.

This is one more extraordinary spot in Spain for food. Galician food is wealthy in new fish cooked in an assortment of ways. Try not to miss pulpo (octopus), which is particularly delectable in this piece of Spain!

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