There are such countless motivations to visit Costa Rica

From awesome scenes and extraordinary experiences to a huge range of natural life, there are such countless motivations to visit Costa Rica.

Throughout the course of recent months, I have invested more energy wandering off in fantasy land about going than voyaging! It was an abnormal time and many spots that would ordinarily be a break felt all the way unattainable.

I wound up flipping through photographs from past undertakings, helping me to remember encounters and trusting that some of them can be imitated from here on out. Specifically, I longed for getting back to Costa Rica in Central America.

Costa Rica 1 3 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Costa Rica 1 3

There is nothing similar to Costa Rica. It is wild, crude and strong. It’s audacious. It’s fine. Likewise, individuals are caring and loose. I have generally observed Costa Ricans to be warm and supportive. With nature all around and a tranquil country to investigate, Costa Rica is the ideal spot for a post-pandemic experience.

I was extremely glad that Wanderlust magazine requested that I be important for the Sanctuary of Costa Rica, another web-based center committed to the country. It additionally gave me motivation to glance back at my old photographs, web journals and recordings! I have previously visited the nation two times – once as a rucksack, of course out traveling with a traveler load up. Between these two outings, I encountered a ton.

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Costa Rica 25

I’ve flown the country’s longest lightning line, attempted wilderness boating interestingly, been awakened by howler monkeys in the rainforest, investigated Caribbean sea shores and epic volcanoes, and truly hooked on to the country’s #1 expression “pura vida”!

I would like you to peruse the blog I arranged for the Costa Rica Sanctuary. I put my entire being into this one. Without a doubt, when you read it, you will comprehend the reason why I think this is a particularly unique country.

I likewise created a video with a portion of my top purposes behind visiting Costa Rica. Trust you appreciate watching it. It has a few entertaining recollections – hold on until you see my frog experience!

On the off chance that you are discussing whether to design an excursion, there are a few critical motivations to visit Costa Rica!

Motivations to visit Costa Rica

Untamed life

Costa Rica is one of the most natural puts on earth. There are more types of plants, bugs, birds, ocean animals and creatures than most different nations joined. For a little country, this is very acclaim!

Spotted sloths, hanging apathetically from tree limbs, watch whales in the Pacific Ocean, awaken to the hints of monkeys and macaques, and watch red green frogs jump across the rainforest floor.

Lapa Rios Costa Rica 6 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Lapa Rios Costa Rica 6


With such amazing landscape, this is a nation made for experience. I adored the lightning lining through the trees in Monteverde and investigating the hazy cloud woodlands. On my last outing, I gave white water to wilderness boating by hustling down the Orosi River – another remarkable experience!

My companions figured out how to surf on the chilled sea shores of the Pacific while others swam in the Caribbean seeing so many fantastic ocean animals including ocean turtles, sharks and dolphins.

White Water Rafting Orosi • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
White Water Rafting Orosi


Costa Rica is home to perfect sea shores, gigantic volcanoes, and tremendous areas of rainforest and safeguarded country regions. I took huge number of photographs during my visits. Scenes made me go after my camera over and over!

I actually recall how I entered the Arenal Volcano National Park and saw the gigantic transcending pinnacle of the Arenal Volcano. It was simply breath.

As well as the excellence of regions like the Corcovado National Park, I cherished visiting the cascades of the country. La Fortuna Falls is a famous stop on most schedules as there is such a great amount to do around here of Costa Rica. Be that as it may, somewhat nearer to the capital of San Jose is Cataratas del Toro – the biggest cascade in the nation … furthermore, what a delight it is!

Costa Rica 8 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Costa Rica 8

Pura Vida

While Costa Ricans utilize the expression “pura vida” as a catch-for hello, farewell, how are you and life is good…there’s more to it. Pura vida is a lifestyle. It’s tied in with carrying on with a blissful and significant life. Trust me when I say this, following a couple of days in Costa Rica, you will comprehend what it implies!

Costa Rica 1 4 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Costa Rica 1 4

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