The 6 Best Dutch Caribbean Islands to Visit

The Dutch Caribbean Species Register comprises of six islands in the Caribbean that are essential for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These incorporate Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten.

The ABC Islands are further south, off the south coast
the Venezuelan coast, and the SSS islands toward the north.

In any case, we haven’t arrived to educate you concerning geology or history. This article is to find getaway destinations in the Dutch Caribbean!

Such countless islands in the Caribbean are different in their own particular manner. Regardless of whether they are nearby one another, they bring exceptional elements to the table for guests. Yet, which of these is ideal assuming you are a guest to the Caribbean? Any guest thinks about whether to pick enormous or little, far or close or rustic or metropolitan.

Fortunately, this article makes that multitude of troublesome assignments simpler! It examines the subtleties of the Netherlands Caribbean. We will make reference to explicit spots to feature your vacation and give you an extraordinary encounter.

We should jump into listen for a minute the Dutch Caribbean brings to the table for guests like you!


  • The best island for sea shores – Curacao
  • Best island for exercises – Bonaire
  • The best island for kids – Sint Maarten
  • Best Adults on the Island – Aruba Island
  • Best Island for Eating – Aruba Island
  • Best island for nightlife – Statia Island
  • The best island to remain – Sint Eustatius

Aruba Island

Aruba Island 3.jpg • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Aruba Island 3.jpg

Aruba has been under the public authority of the Netherlands starting around 1636. The authority dialects of Aruba are Dutch and Papiamento, yet English and Spanish are additionally generally spoken. Furthermore, the uplifting news for US guests is that US dollars are acknowledged as delicate.

Why pick Aruba?

Aruba offers guests many spots for a loosening up occasion. Whether you need to go alone, as a family, or with your unique one, you will find the best places to relax. There are likewise fun exercises to keep you occupied the entire constantly.

The primary feature of Aruba is the experiences of the voyage transport and the overall city of Oranjestad. It is home to more than 28,000 amicable occupants.

There are many retail outlets and bistros with nearby cooking. You will have a fabulous sea view.

In the event that you are a student of history or simply not inspired by the way of life of the locals, you can visit the gallery. This is where you will realize about the social legacy of Aruba. The historical center houses ancient rarities that date back to 2500 BC. You will likewise partake in the view at the Butterfly Farm and Donkey Sanctuary.

The principal expanding on the island of Aruba, Fort Zutman, actually stands tall. Worked in 1798. This building was utilized to discourage privateers and foes.

You additionally can’t leave without looking at the Willem III Tower, worked in 1868. Aruba has a rich history, some of which you will find out about when you are there.

One more notable component of this island that guests ought to see is the view on the fountain of liquid magma.

Aruba is one of the Dutch Caribbean islands with numerous exercises and incredible facilities. Shopping centers, lodgings and resorts guarantee you never experience any fundamental requirements.

You can appreciate scuba jumping, fishing, betting and that’s just the beginning. One can likewise participate in festivals and social celebrations in Aruba.

Instructions to get to Aruba

Aruba is available to the world in numerous ways. Significant aircrafts and extravagance voyage ships continuous the region, making it one of the most well known islands in the Dutch Kingdom.

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Where to remain in Aruba

Aruba offers a wide scope of convenience choices. You can track down the best lodgings to remain affordable for you and greatest solace. Here are a few ideas:

Brickell Bay Beach Club and Spa

Brickell Bay Beach Club Spa 2.jpg • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Brickell Bay Beach Club Spa 2.jpg

This is one of the most prudent inns in Aruba. Albeit reasonable, it makes guests agreeable by offering an assortment of elements. For the board, the security and soundness of visitors is really important.

All cloths are cleaned and disinfected at this inn to check the spread of any infection. Also, because of the impacts of COVID 19, different measures are set up. These remember contactless look at for and check choices, temperature and side effect checks, customary disinfection of high-traffic regions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba

The Ritz Carlton Aruba 2.jpg • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
The Ritz Carlton Aruba 2.jpg

This is an upscale lodging situated on Palm-Eagle Beach. Its features incorporate free WiFi, two outside pools and a spa. It is a source for history specialists because of its nearness to the Archeological Museum of Aruba.

The rooms in this lodging are great. Every one of them is furnished with rich furnishings, restroom, theater setup, cooling, gallery, and so on. It additionally offers sports offices and an on location club.

Bonaire Island

Bonaire Island 2.jpg • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Bonaire Island 2.jpg

Bonaire is one of the Dutch-speaking Caribbean islands worth visiting. Notwithstanding, you can expect a language obstruction with local people on the grounds that their local language is Papiamento. Yet, on the in addition to side, you will not need to change your cash in light of the fact that the US dollar is acknowledged.

Why visit Bonaire?

The island’s base camp is Kralendijk. In excess of 3,000 individuals live in the capital and energetically welcome guests. Because of its area and other ecological factors, kayaking and swimming are the primary exercises.

Nonetheless, Bonaire actually offers you different bundles that you won’t find in other Caribbean islands. Its Marine National Park has more than 60 coral reef species and north of 350 fish species. It was made in 1976 and was the pride of the island. This marine park likewise offers the best spot for swimming.

Furthermore, what else?

Around 20% of the island of Bonaire is covered by Washington’s Slagbaai National Park, which additionally goes about as a natural hold. It is one of just five flamingo settling destinations in the Caribbean.

Like Aruba, Bonaire additionally has a rich social legacy. It contains a jackass asylum, landmarks and authentic structures.

Could you at any point envision how you see the WW2 landmarks and guides when you visit the island of Bonaire?

You better accept!

Bonaire Island is home to numerous free-form windsurfers. Assuming you love surfing, this may be the perfect locations for you. Nonetheless, lodgings and facilities are not top notch. Notwithstanding this, you will in any case have a total occasion in Bonaire.

Step by step instructions to go to Bonaire

Bonaire is available to the world via air courses. While you can’t get a non-stop departure from the US to Bonaire, you will in any case find many associating ships from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Where to remain in Bonaire

The capital of the island offers numerous sumptuous convenience choices for voyagers. It is enough for an enormous number of visitors, which he gets yearly. You can think about the accompanying, however there are different choices:

Islander Bonaire Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Islander Bonaire.jpg • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Boutique Hotel Islander Bonaire.jpg

Bonaire is one of the Dutch Caribbean islands with the most reasonable convenience choices. With around $10, you can partake in the best stay on the island by going through evenings at the Boutique Hotel Islander Bonaire. You can book a room at

Rooms at the Boutique Hotel Islander Bonaire are present day. They have a theater setup, cooling, free Wi-Fi, private washroom and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can participate in cycling, scuba plunging and other open air exercises.

Sea Breeze and Marina Boutique Hotel

Ocean Breeze Boutique Hotel Marina • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Ocean Breeze Boutique Hotel Marina

This lodging is situated in Kralendik, only minutes from the ocean side and a short ways from Flamingo International Airport.

Key elements of the Ocean Breeze Boutique Hotel and Marina incorporate free WiFi, an outside pool, cooled rooms, overhangs, completely prepared kitchens and that’s just the beginning.

Curacao Island

Curacao Island • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Curacao Island

Curacao is the primary objective. It is the managerial language, however others, for example, Papiamentu, English and Spanish are generally utilized. Like other Dutch Caribbean islands, the US dollar has been generally acknowledged.

For what reason should Curacao be an objective?

The recently referenced Caribbean Islands have jackass asylums, however not Curaçao. Is it a closure? Not! You will in any case see jackasses, goats and iguanas in Curaçao. What’s more, it offers numerous different scenes and exercises for each guest.

Curaçao has a structure style that is suggestive of the central area Netherlands. It will give you a similar delight as Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

Something you will miss when you live in the high countries of Curaçao is the blue cocktail. The soul is produced using severe oranges, which are bountiful on the island of Curaçao. Assuming that you like the ambivalent taste of lemon and citrus organic products, this will give you enough motivation to visit the island a subsequent time.

Curaçao is additionally popular for its notorious Queen Juliana Bridge in Willemstad. This extension stands 185 feet in the air, making it the tallest scaffold in the north and south of the Caribbean. You can likewise visit the two principal public parks.

One of them is the Christoffel National Park, which has the most noteworthy rise on the island. The second is the Curacao Marine Aquarium, the popular home of the Dolphin Academy.

The island of Curacao has sandy sea shores, yet in addition historical centers and other commendable places to visit. You can go to the ostrich ranch, drifting business sector, Hato caves, limestone caves. This will offer you the chance to see the coral reef and lovely scenes of tapered rock and stalagmite.

Famous exercises on the island incorporate scuba plunging and shore jumping. Simply visit the Banda Abu National Park in northern Curacao for swimming.

Step by step instructions to get to Curacao

Curacao is one of the most available of all the Dutch Caribbean islands. There are many corresponding flights from the capital of the Netherlands and a few worldwide aircrafts flying along the course. You can likewise arrive through journey boats or private boats.

Where to remain in Curacao

Bayside Boutique Hotel

Bayside Boutique Hotel Blue Bay • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Bayside Boutique Hotel Blue Bay

Bayside Boutique Hotel is situated on Bay Beach. It is completely outfitted and has numerous conveniences and social conveniences. For golf aficionados, this is the ideal spot to book to visit Curaçao.

Bayside Boutique Hotel offers a café, a wellness community and water sports. The inn is around 10 minutes’ drive from Curaçao International Airport and just 10 minutes’ drive from the focal point of Willemstad.

Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort

Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort

Make your visit in Curacao extraordinary by booking a room at this inn. It is situated in the main issue of the Dutch Caribbean Sea.

Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort offers all that you want for an agreeable and fun stay. It includes a private ocean side club, the Carnaval Casino, salt and new water pools, a wellness community and worldwide eateries.

Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten Island • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Sint Maarten Island

Sint Maarten, otherwise called Saint Martin, is situated in the upper east Caribbean Sea. The island is the biggest of all the Dutch Caribbean Islands and is partitioned by the Netherlands and France.

Why visit Sint Maarten?

There are numerous exercises and puts to visit on the island. It gets a greater number of travelers consistently than the vast majority of the islands. They appreciate golf, shopping or unwinding. Sint Maarten is the spot to go to partake in a decent beverage and neighborhood food.

The fundamental element of Saint Martin is the Simpson Bay dock. It is the focal center for cruising and yachting all through the Caribbean. Yet, assuming you’re searching for a calm spot to relax, Mullet Bay is the perfect locations to remain. It is considerably more available from the global air terminal close by. This cove additionally has upscale cafés.

The Dutch side of Sint Maarten incorporates many highlights that we can’t all utilization. We haven’t even referenced Great Bay Beach including all that it brings to the table to guests. It broadens two miles from the capital Philipsburg.

The island’s 37 sea shores make it the best vacationer location in the Caribbean.

Step by step instructions to get to Sint Maarten

Most vacationers get to the island via air. You can take a non-stop trip to Sint Maarten or pick water transport. One way or the other, you will in any case have a remarkable encounter on the island.

Where to remain in Sint Maarten

Like other Caribbean islands, Sint Maarten has an assortment of reasonable lodgings to oblige large number of guests consistently. Have a go at spending your evenings at any of the accompanying lodgings assuming Sint Maarten is your objective:

Ocean castle

Sea Palace 2 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Sea Palace 2

The Sea Palace offers the best admittance to Sint Maarten’s most well known sea shores. The lodging is only a couple of steps from Great Bay Beach and around 1.3 km from Little Bay Beach.

It offers cooled family rooms, lounge, theater setup, closet, washroom, and so forth. Luckily, the lodging staff communicates in English or Spanish. So there is simplicity of correspondence.

Commodore Kits

Commodore Suites • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Commodore Suites

Commodore Suites is a flawless property found roughly 500m from Simpson Bay Beach. It offers an open air pool, wellness focus, patio and family rooms. The rooms are completely outfitted, while different decks, promenade and different increments. You will likewise get a free smorgasbord or individually breakfast.

Saba Island

Saba Island Turtle • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Saba Island Turtle

Saba Island is situated in the northern Caribbean, only a couple of miles from St. Maarten. It might amaze you that Saba is the most noteworthy place of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This appears to be ridiculous since Saba is the littlest region.

Motivations to visit Saba Island

The principal feature of the island of Saba is Mount Skanery spring of gushing lava. It may not be the most well known Dutch island in the Caribbean, however it brings a great deal to the table for guests. Saba draws in vacationers from everywhere the world with its lovely landscape and different biological system like some other.

Saba Island flaunts the best jump destinations, alluring tropical paths and a lot of spots to chill. Assuming you love ecotourism, Saba is the best spot for you. You will appreciate incredible weather conditions including bright skies. Sitting by the ocean, watching ocean turtles and plunging into the waters are energizing experiences on the island.

The most effective method to get to Saba Island

Saba Island is open via plane, boat or ship, contingent upon your area. You can make non-stop trips to Sint Maarten and interface with Saba by water.

Where to remain on the island of Saba

Saba Island has restricted lodgings and resorts that offer convenience administrations. To visit it, book a room at one of the accompanying lodgings and do so adequately early:

Houses El Momo

El Momo Cottages e1651156318165 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
El Momo Cottages e1651156318165

The area of El Momo Cottages is Booby Hill No. 3, Windwardside, Bonaire Sint Eustatius and Saba. It offers low-spending plan convenience administrations and invites great many eco-accommodating visitors consistently.

This lodging offers one-room wood-consuming bungalows with a private deck and unhampered sea sees. Visitors can likewise appreciate wonderful perspectives on the lavish nursery.

Juliana’s Hotel

Julianas Hotel 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Julianas Hotel 1

Juliana’s Hotel is awesome for families or gatherings. Rooms, suites and houses are accessible for self-providing food.

The houses are worked with wooden flooring sections and whitewashed dividers. From the rooms, visitors can appreciate all encompassing perspectives on the seas and lovely gardens. It likewise offers the best an open door for woods undertakings.

Statia Island (Statius or Sint Eustatius)

Statia Island 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Statia Island 1

Statius, additionally alluded to as Statius or Sint Eustatius. Situated in the northern Leeward Islands of the West Indies and only 33 miles southwest of the shore of Sint Maarten.

Why visit Sint Eustace

Sint Eustatius is not normal for the wide range of various Dutch Caribbean islands we have on this rundown. It is moderately little and offers guests not much landscape. Be that as it may, you will in any case track down the best puts on the island to partake in a genuine encounter. While it’s not the embodiment of innovation, the main city, Oranjestad, has some good times spots to shop, eat or simply unwind.

Guests to Sint Eustatius can climb, investigate and plunge at their #1 times. Furthermore, assuming you need more tomfoolery, think about visiting the island in July. This is the month when the notorious Statia festival is held. He carries with him the best music, dance and neighborhood cooking.

Instructions to get to Sinta Evstatia

Dissimilar to other Dutch Caribbean islands, Sint Eustatius isn’t open. There is no non-stop departure from the USA or different districts. The most ideal way to get to Sint Eustace is to travel to St Maarten and associate on a short ride. Be that as it may, numerous guests actually rush consistently to have some time off and partake in the generally tranquil local area.

Where to remain in Sint Eustace

Sint Eustatius additionally offers probably the best convenience in the Dutch island domains. You can make a booking relying upon your spending plan. Take the accompanying settings to change:

Papaya Inn

Papaya Inn 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Papaya Inn 1

Papaya Inn is situated in Oranjestad and offers reasonable convenience. The Inn includes a common parlor, a porch, a nursery, free Wi-Fi and different conveniences.

Cooled rooms at Papaya Inn are outfitted with a theater setup, private washroom, shower and overhang.

Brilliant Rock Resort

Golden Rock Resort 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Golden Rock Resort 1

Brilliant Rock Resort is a 4 star resort with the offices and conveniences you would anticipate. It offers an eatery, an outside pool, a bar, a common parlor, a grill and private rooms with a kitchenette.

Brilliant Rock Resort is likewise youngster well disposed. There is a jungle gym and a spa. Guests can likewise play table tennis and scaled down golf or appreciate open air exercises like climbing and swimming.

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