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Searching for an excursion loaded up with culture, history, incredible food and wonderful landscape? This south of France course takes you from Lyon to Marseille.

When you consider the South of France, what pictures ring a bell? Provençal perspectives on radiant yellow sunflowers and the obvious aroma of lavender? Moving slopes fixed with grape plantations? Archaic towns incorporated into the stones? The shining turquoise waters of the Côte d’Azur? This piece of France is a mind blowing travel area with such a huge amount to offer.

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I have recently gotten back from a multi day experience that began in Lyon and finished in Marseille. There were such countless features en route, incorporating wine sampling in Beaujolais, kayaking under the Pont du Gard, climbing through the marvelous landscape of the Ardèche Gorges, visiting a vivid computerized craftsmanship show at a quarry in Les Baux, and getting a charge out of fine French food in the old port of Marseille. .

Rather than figuring out complex coordinated operations, for transportation, inns and visits, I was welcome to go on board the Avalon Poetry II stream journey. Some stream journey agendas can be very controlled, however this Active and Discovery on the Rhone visit took into consideration a lot of discretionary exercises and visits, as well as leisure time to investigate all alone.

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You might like to follow this agenda through the south of France as an excursion or book a voyage as I did. With such countless incredible spots inside simple reach of one another, you are ensured to have a memorable excursion.

Lyon – Marseille: The best course toward the south of France

While arranging an outing from Lyon to Marseille, there are various courses to take, however I cherished this course as it followed the course of the Rhone.


Lyon is frequently alluded to as the culinary capital of France. I figure Paris might have two comments about it, yet at the same it’s quite valued no different either way. A lot of this standing comes from the city’s nearness to the open country. About 33% of all food and drink in France is created around here. It’s beginning and end from vegetables and salamis, to exemplary cheeses and grant winning wines.

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To dig into your time in Lyon, I would suggest taking a city visit. I viewed the visit as such an extraordinary method for getting to know the historical backdrop of the city as well as will holds with the cooking. The outing (an outing booked as a feature of my Avalon waterway voyage) took more time to various shops, including a customary salami shop, for a cut of Lyon’s amazing praline cake, and to an incredible little perspective with a choice of cheeses.

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One of my #1 components of the visit was investigating the city’s many fishes. These are extraordinary entries that were utilized in the silk exchange. There are 500 focuses around the city, and as sightseers, we could never track down them! Inside are lovely patios, stowed away pinnacles and a wide range of treats! Simply check this out…

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While I chose to eat my strategy for getting around the city (all for the sake of exploration, obviously!), there are a couple of different activities during your visit in Lyon. As referenced, this is a city well known for food and a couple of my companions went out and made a flavorful Lyonnese lunch with a neighborhood culinary specialist. They said it was an incredible encounter and they took in certain plans they will make at home from now on.

Assuming you are keen on history and engineering, there are additionally directed visits committed to the fishes and the design of the city.

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On the other hand, it’s an exquisite city to investigate by walking, so I’d prescribe giving yourself an opportunity to see the banks of the Rhone and Saone streams, meander around Quartier Saint-Jean and Collin Croix-Rousse, and perhaps visit the Les Halles de Lyon market. Like never, get lost and never know what you could find!

Beaujolais wine locale

To investigate more than Lyon, the Beaujolais wine locale is only a short drive away. Numerous grape plantations, like the Jean Jacques Payre Wine Estate, offer visits with tasting meetings. I would likewise prescribe driving up to Oingt, a great center town that disregards a valley loaded up with grape plantations and is viewed as one of the most delightful towns in France.

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Oingt France • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide

Tain-L’ Hermitage And Tournon

My time spent in these two urban areas was the feature of my whole outing to France. They sit on the two sides of the Rhone, associated by the Seguin Footbridge, the most established engineered overpass still being used in France. The perspectives here are simply staggering! There are steep grape plantations on the two sides, in addition to an old house and idiocy on the slope.

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On the off chance that you are a wine sweetheart like me, I suggest a morning stroll through the grape plantations. There are public paths so you can meander uninhibitedly (simply regard the plants!) There are nearby organizations offering wine visits so you can do tastings inside the grape plantations as I did. Tasting a glass of Crozes-Hermitage close to the plants that made it – what better method for tasting it?!

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Assuming that you like something else, you can arrange an extraordinary class from the incredibly popular chocolatier Valrhona. The brand opened La Cité De Chocolat in 2013 at Tain l’Hermitage. It is depicted as “multi-tangible intelligent chocolate”. As well as getting more familiar with how chocolate is made, you can likewise make your very own portion to bring back home!

Assuming that you’re searching for a functioning experience during your visit to Tournon, look at the Vélorail (railroad bicycle) through the wonderful Gorges du Doux. This was whenever I first found out about this movement. I at no point ever saw him in the future anyplace in my movements!

As a matter of fact, you sit in a little trailer on the old railroad tracks and pedal en route. There are slants, climbing slopes and mind boggling landscape en route. Likewise, recall that the more activity you do, the more wine and chocolate you can appreciate during your outing!


Going on down the Rhone, I wound up in Viviers, one more enchanting town loaded up with old landmarks. I investigated it around evening time, which appeared to be suitable since it has a spooky past! I heard about it on the apparition visit after supper when live entertainers played characters from everywhere history.

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Viviers was established in the fifth century and was once home to 30,000 individuals. Today just 4,000 individuals live in the old stone houses. The cobblestone roads are restricted and breezy – the sort of spot you would rather not drive! Key sights incorporate Saint Vincent’s Cathedral (which traces all the way back to the twelfth century) and the city center, which was once the priests’ castle.

Gorges De l’Ardèche

Since Viviers is little, you won’t need to look long, so I would prescribe an outing to see the Ardèche Gorges while you’re in the district. It’s around 45 minutes via vehicle. On the off chance that you love epic scenes, you will go gaga for this spot! The most well known view is the Pont d’Arc, a 50m high normal scaffold across the Ardèche River. Simply sit tight until you see it for yourself, it’s totally amazing!

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There are many climbing trails, little sea shores and a few bistros, inns and cafés nearby. It’s likewise an extraordinary region for natural life, with wild pig, deer, hawks, vultures, peregrine birds of prey and owls generally living in the environment around the stream.

Quite possibly the most well known movement here is kayaking along the stream, rowing directly over the renowned harp. Be that as it may, during my excursion, France was recuperating from weighty downpour and the water was streaming excessively quick for relaxed action! All things considered, I chose to climb around the area while watching a couple of valiant kayakers from the stream’s edge!

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It ought to likewise be added that this is the site of the renowned Chauvet Pont d’Arc cave. These caverns were found in 1994 and are viewed as one of the main locales of ancient craftsmanship on the planet. Noteworthy stone artworks, fossils and human remaining parts have likewise been found. Specialists set them like 32,000 years ago…absolutely mind-blowing!The cave is shut to the general population for protection, however close by is the Pont d’Arc cave where you can see an imitation.


This was my third time in Avignon, however the way that I had been before removed nothing from the experience. Regardless, it made it much more extraordinary as I felt like I was at that point a vacationer and this time I could meander around at my own speed.

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In the event that you are visiting interestingly, there are a few spots you should see, like the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Palace of the Paps. This notable castle was the seat of Western Christianity in the fourteenth century and is a noteworthy illustration of Gothic engineering. It’s additionally great to meander around the border of the downtown area, following the 4.3 kilometers of city dividers.

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Provence 28

Likewise, the St. Benezet Bridge isn’t to be missed. Assuming you’ve heard the melody “Sur le Pont d’Avignon” (a famous French nursery rhyme), you may currently be comfortable with this scaffold! The scaffold you see today in Avignon dates from the twelfth century, albeit just four curves and a gatehouse remain, so don’t anticipate getting over!

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I visited these spots during the outing and furthermore set aside a ton of opportunity to meander around the thin roads of the actual city. There is a genuine appeal to the long columns of patios with pastel Provence screens, as well as little shops and bistros worked from the mark yellow stone. One of the most beautiful roads I found was Rue des Teinturiers, which has old cobblestones underneath, colossal sycamore trees along one edge, and enormous waterwheels once utilized in the material business.

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Another feature is the city’s energetic Les Halles d’Avignon food market. There are some extraordinary city visits that incorporate a market visit as a feature of the experience. There are in excess of 40 slows down under one rooftop offering everything from new meat and fish to cheddar, wine and extravagance cakes. There are even a couple of slows down where you can eat!

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Pont du Gard

I chose to investigate Avignon in the first part of the day and afterward book an exceptional evening kayak outing under the Pont du Garde. This great Roman water system is one of the most visited chronicled locales in France and wow it’s lovely! A portion of my companions went on an e-bicycle visit through it, yet I needed to see it from the water!

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I was kayaking 9km downstream, with a couple of little however elating rapids along the course. The water was perfectly clear with a turquoise tone. Seeing the highest point of the Pont du Gard was a unique second. It’s a mysterious design and it looks so colossal while you’re swimming in a little kayak under! This was one more feature from my week in France and something I would prescribe adding to your South of France agenda.

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Arles is a Provencal city with history at its center. In the middle is a tremendous Roman amphitheater with thin roads with beautiful screens extinguishing from the center.

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Be that as it may, pause, this city likewise has another fascination. The Arts Tower Louma Arles was planned by contemporary design virtuoso Frank Gehry and its silver construction is apparent for a significant distance. I didn’t be able to head inside, yet I hear the insides are pushing the limits the same way, dividers made of salt from The Camargue, float across the chamber and mirrors on the roof!

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Like Luma, Arles brings much more to the table for workmanship sweethearts. At the finish of his life, Vincent van Gogh moved from Paris to Arles, looking for the hotter temperatures of the south. He fell head over heels for the excellent open country, the light and shades of Provence. Assuming you are keen on getting familiar with the craftsman, visit Fondation Vincent Van Gogh Arles. Additionally, make certain to meander around the Forum Square and you will see the motivation for his canvas Café Terrace at Night.

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Le Baux De Provence

One reason I think this is the ideal schedule for the south of France is the sheer assortment of things. Regardless of what you are keen on, there is something you will cherish!

I chose to require one of the Avalon roadtrips from Arles to Les Baux-de-Provence, which is situated in the Alpilles (small Alps!) The actual town is incorporated into the stone and incorporates a palace, a congregation, and many perfectly safeguarded landmarks. I climbed over rough landscape to arrive at a vantage point where I could glance back at the town. What a view!

Les Baux 2 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Les Baux 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide

Then I went to quite possibly the most intriguing craftsmanship show I’ve been to in quite a while. Inside the quarry is Carrieres de Lumiere, a vivid advanced workmanship show that is projected onto cave insides. Made for an old style and contemporary music soundtrack, the craftsmanship has been digitized and vivified, making a special and charming experience. During my visit, the visuals depended on crafted by Cezanne and Kandinsky, yet they change over time, so actually take a look at the site prior to leaving.

Carrieres de Lumieres 2 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Carrieres de Lumieres 2


Completed the Avalon journey in Port Saint-Louis near Marseille at the mouth of the Rhone. This city doesn’t have a lot to do, however it’s near the wild, marshy area of France known as the Camargue. Have you known about Le Mistral? This is the name of the breeze that blows through the south of France. It sounds unnerving, however it likewise enjoys its benefits! It helps with the creation of salt, blows away air contamination and keeps the grape plantations of Provence dry. Interestingly, there are around 220 days of wind in the Camargue, so this is something to remember.

I never realized there was a spot in France with salt pads, rice paddies and lakes where white ponies run through the open country, dark bulls are hailed as legends and groups of pink flamingos stand high in the water. It is a region wealthy in nature and well known with ornithologists. The best times to visit are spring and pre-winter for bird relocation. With such a lot of water around, it’s likewise home to various assortments of mosquitoes, so seek shelter!

Assuming you’re searching for something to do in the Camargue, you can visit a clam ranch, take a bicycle visit however the uncommon view, or partake in a nature visit to study the animals that call the locale home.


This lively port city is the last stop on this astounding south of France schedule. There are many sights to see here, including the ostentatious Notre Dame de la Garde (known as la Bonne-mère) and La Mayor Cathedral. It’s a major city for exhibition hall darlings, with the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Marseille and Muzem (Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) both exceptionally respected. As a matter of fact, I would agree that that Mucem merits a visit only for its engineering!

Marseille 2 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide
Marseille 1 • Travel-Memories - Travel Blog & Country Guide

Assuming you have somewhat more time, you could require one of the most famous roadtrips from Marseille to visit the Calanques National Park. Remember your camera as this is an excellent spot loaded up with sensational view, turquoise waters and mystery inlets.

On my last day in Marseille, I decided to meander around Vieux Port (old port), partaking in the sights of yachts, the shining turquoise waters, and the clamor of the fishmongers. After a long walk, I halted for lunch at an adorable bistro (Le Bouchon Provencal) and got into a delectable salmon tartare and a glass of rose. What an ideal finish to my great South of France schedule!

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